About Us

Oak Knoll Publishing is located on a hill surrounded by oak trees with a view of the Southern Oregon mountains. It is owned and operated by the family of Dr. Alfred Thompson Eade. When Dr. Eade's books "went out of print", the publishing rights were returned to Vivian Eade Voltz, his daughter, and Connie King, his granddaughter. They received many inquiries about where his books might be obtained and they soon exhausted their small quantity of personal black & white copies of the books. When they continued to receive requests for the Panorama books it was decided to have all four of the books reprinted. Dr. Eade had "re-done" the Panorama Number 1, The Plan of the Ages, in color while living with his granddaughter, Connie King. Connie then "re-did" the Panorama books: #2,3,4 in color using the same techniques that Dr. Eade had used to color the Panorama #1.

Panorama Number 1, The Plan of the Ages is a great place to start for anyone: new believer, or "old", or just wondering what the Bible is all about. The illustrations from Panorama #1 are also available in a "set" of 11 Posters (14 inch by 36 inch). They can be used for display as a teaching aid.

It was the desire of Dr. Eade and now also of his family, that his books continue to be available to aid anyone interested in the Bible. The illustrated Panorama Books with their commentary and Scriptural references serve that purpose well.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or would prefer to speak and order from a "real person". We realize that not everyone is comfortable using a computer shopping cart. We are able to process single copy orders or large volume orders as all items are in stock and available on site. Please call for information on shipping and volume prices.

Thank you for visiting Oak Knoll Publishing.
God Bless You.