This request comes with great excitement of finding the Panorama Bible Study Course still in print! We use this material in our teaching to illustrate and bring to life the teaching of the Word of God.

I have had The New Panorama Bible Study Course # 1-4 for many years . They are now tattered and torn. What a great tool the course is--- I have used it extensively in educating people.
Missionary, South Africa

I am delighted to see you are reprinting the Panorama Bible Study...

I am so excited I found these books. I have been looking everywhere and absolutely determined to find them. God bless you for printing them!
North Carolina

I have had this book (Panorama # 1) since the 1960's and have used it with my 2nd and 3rd graders. This is an excellent tool for teaching and I've used it over and over again. I just love it.

I got the set in the mail today—they are gorgeous. I just love them. Thank you and your family for making them available. I will be ordering more sets.

Tell me , please tell me you have some of these books left. I have been coveting my teacher's books and they are so expensive on the internet. I want to place an order now and I will tell my friends.

You cannot imagine how excited the girls in my Bible Study Class are about getting this book (Panorama # 4). We are looking forward to seeing it in color.

I got my first Panorama in the 1980's when I became a believer. Today I have #2 and #4 and I cherish them as unique and Godly study tools.

We just love the Panorama Series.

You are doing a good thing in making these available...they are very valuable. The artwork is beautiful.
New Jersey

These are truly the best Bible Study guides on the market. For myself, they have been a true blessing and my friends would all like to buy copies.

These are such wonderful books and pictures. I pray you will publish these again. I believe God will Inspire you to republish these books.
South Dakota

My husband and I took this course through a church here in Arkansas forty years ago and we have taught it through the years many times. Your grandfather has given us all a wonderful tool in teaching the Bible.

I have been using Alfred Eade's studies for 20 years now in my Sunday School and evening classes.

In the past I have purchased several copies of your book, The New Panorama Bible Study Course, and have found it to be a very valuable resource for Bible Study.

This is great news! The Panorama's once again coming here to the U.K. ...

I am in possession of The Plan of the Ages in the Panorama Bible Study Series. As a Bible teacher this work has been an excellent tool to use when teaching. The diagrams contained within the book are excellent to show the progression of God's dealing with various people groups throughout the ages.