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Meet Dr. Eade (1891-1988)

Dr. Eade memorabiliaAlfred Thompson (Tom) Eade was born in Stoke Newington, England on November 17, 1891 to Thomas Saranck Bunn Eade and Effie Briggs Eade. In 1906, the Eade family left England to homestead in Clairsholm, Alberta, Canada. Young Tom had been apprenticed at an art school and became a commercial artist in London, where he lived with his married sister until he rejoined his family in Hanna, Alberta in 1912. In the summer of 1916, Tom followed his two older brothers and enlisted in the Canadian Army. He was wounded in Passchendaele, Belgium in 1917 and following an extended period of recovery in England he returned to his home in Hanna, Alberta.

On December 15, 1919 he married Ruth Sipprelle in Calgary and they made their home in Hanna. Tom's frail health as a result of his wounds continued to plague his new family and he was advised to move to a warmer climate. Following the advice of his doctor, Tom moved his family to California where he worked at various jobs using his skills as an artist and illustrator. While living in California Tom experienced a miraculous healing from the severe seizures that had plagued him since being wounded in Belgium. After his healing, he became a serious student of the Bible and enrolled in a Bible College and became a minister of the Gospel.

Dr. Eade with family

Tom used his gifts as an artist while serving many years as a teacher and minister of the Gospel. He became an author and illustrator of several books which were written to help people visualize the scripture and better understand the Bible. While he was living with his granddaughter, Connie King, in Grants Pass, Oregon, he completed the deluxe color edition of Panorama No 1: The Plan of the Ages. He continued his work at his desk until his death at the age of 96.

His books include:

The Expanded Panorama Bible Study Course, currently published by Revell/Baker Books.

The four books of The New "Panorama" Bible Study Course include:

  • No.1: The Plan of the Ages , which has been printed in at least 14 languages and 16 dialects
  • No 2: The Study of Angelology
  • No.3: The 2nd Coming of Christ
  • No.4: The Book of Revelation

Dr. Eade teachingThe four books: Panoramas No. 1, 2, 3, 4, of The New "Panorama" Bible Study Course, which were previously published by Revell/Baker, are now back in print, in color, and are currently being published by Oak Knoll Publishing, which is owned and operated by Dr. Eade's family. Dr. Eade's granddaughter, Connie King, painted the Panoramas Numbers: 2, 3, and 4, in watercolor, using the same technique that he used to color The Plan of the Ages, so all four of the newly printed Panoramas are now in color.